스웩 쩌는 김재중의 아르헨티나 밤문화 체험기 (feat.시가바) [트래블 버디즈] EP.3

스웩 쩌는 김재중의 아르헨티나 밤문화 체험기 (feat.시가바) [트래블 버디즈] EP.3

[Went to a diner after the city tour]
We scanned the prices.. [Overwhelmed with a fancy diner] What is it? [What’s the menu that caught Jaejoong’s attention?] [Buenos Aires/ The second tour of night life] Ah, the cigar smell. [Cigar bar] Here are the Maldives. [Maldives, cigar and three men]
Hey, I really think you feel very weird in this… [Finale of the first trip/ Nightlife of Buenos Aires]
Hey, Chook-goo… Hey, everyone, you guys must subscribe to our channel! It’s a must! How can you not watch this? Lunch just now tasted a bit too bland. [Decided to go to a random diner from hunger in Camanito]
Three orders of beer. [Tasted too bland to satisfy] Yes, it was too bland, right? I wanted to eat something more delicious. [One menu catching Jaejoong’s eyes] It’s expensive, right? [About 2,000 peso for steak=about 40,000 Korean won]
I think so. It’s expensive. If you think about Korea… – Well, if you compare it to Korea…
– Then, yes… It’s cheaper here. [(Watching for reaction)/ Jaejoong wants a proper meal]
Go? [Chook-goo, Chang-hoon hesitating because of price]
I passed by here a lot but never went in. I rarely come to this town because it’s pricey. Oh, well, let’s go in to check it out. Looks nice. [(Can you handle it?)] It’s me… It’s me! [(Grabbing the chance)]
– Okay.
– It’s me! [Cabane Las Lilas] [Juicy beef is being grilled here] [Restaurant in Argentina, the heaven of beef] Maybe we are at a wrong place. [Restaurant smelling so rich]
– I am uncomfortable here.
– I think we are at a wrong place. [(Hesitating)] Is it okay? [(Checking for reaction)] [Jaejoong trying to make friends feel at ease]
But we saw the prices. It will be around that. But everyone is all dressed up. [Suited men 1, 2, 3, 4]
I know. Why are they all suited up? I am wearing the pieces of ragged clothes. [Gentleman-looking manager shows up] [Scanning the menu]
Tomahawk is the most expensive here, too. And Arozblanco is rice! [Korean food lover]
Let’s get some rice! Let’s order two orders of beef and one rice. One cognac. Where is that? It’s not here. [Jaejoong suggesting recommended menu items after internet search]
It’s the most recommended, they do a fire show, too. [Amazing visual of the dish]
It’s a recommended dish. [To be unveiled soon!] [Quick Spanish lesson to order food]
How do we say it? Pardon me? Excuse me? Ah, you can say ‘como.’ Oh? Como, meaning Auntie in Korean? Señora means a guy. Señora usually works. Oh really? Señora? Señora? It’s a body guard? [(Embarrassed)] Ah… I feel so bad for those people. – Should I… do it?
– Yes, you should. [Showing off a beginner’s Spanish] [Ordering goes on without a halt] Hey, how about rice? [Calmly responding to request for rice]
Papas? What does it say on the menu? [Avatar of language! Everyone focused on Chook-goo] [Giving up suddenly] [Bombarded with response by the waiter in Spanish] [Seeing the bottom of his Spanish skills] [Going blank with all the Spanish] Cheer up! So, what I got so far… [Picked up one word, egg]
this has eggs. I don’t understand the rest. [Just smiling] [After chaotic ordering, the trio waiting for food]
I love noodles. A lot. [Right then!] What is it? [Amazing scene/ Argentina’s common beef show] [Steak shows up] [Cutting the soft beef] [(Gulp)] [Must take photos for proof]
Hey, have to take out the phone. [Pours the Cognac on fire] [This is Argentina’s fire show!] [(Amazed)] [The meat has absorbed all the smoky scent] [Nice staff cutting the beef/ (large)] [Friends excited over the fire show]
This looks like you have to sprinkle the salt like this.. [(True)] [Plus, tenderloin]
This one looks a lot better than the one just now. [Dazed] – Let me take a photo.
– Don’t you have to take the photo? This is what people do on TV. [(Beautiful glaze)] [Chang-hoon who stayed quiet is excited, too]
What is this? Olives… beans… [Full supper mode]
I wasn’t that hungry but now, feel like I should eat. It’s different. Very different. They gave us a choice on the done-ness of the steak. [The true taste of beef in Argentina!]
The other restaurant didn’t do it. [Not 100% happy] Despite all this, I actually keep… [Four days into the trip/ Jaejoong is desperate/ (nodding)]
yearning for some pickles or kimchi. We cannot bring food from outside, right? [Jaejoong had a canned kimchi with him all day. (careful)]
I actually have a canned kimchi.. Can’t we bring food from outside? Outside food.. Can we not? [Reason why he brought kimchi]
This is not to make the combination better. I just… just wanted to eat it. I wanted to try out the combination of rice and kimchi. [Chook-goo asking the person in charge whether it is possible] [(Stare)] [(Please)] [Anticipating] [Kimchi allowed]
You may eat it here. [(Touched)] This is really a thankful place. [Carefully taking out the canned kimchi]
This is a very spicy one.. [Finally get to embrace the godly kimchi]
– This is spicy fried kimchi..
– Can I try to smell it.. It’s a bit like.. [(Focusing on kimchi)] Anyway it’s so glad to have kimchi around. [Chang-hoon tastes it first] [(Looks the most excited throughout the day)]
– This is it..
– Is it spicy? Is that it? Yes, this is it! [Very excited]
This thing has to be on the table. [Jaejoong is speechless] [Kind restaurant / Godly kimchi made the dinner even better]
Maybe those people may think that Korean is really crazy about kimchi – Anyway I’m surprised that we finished all these.
– Yes, we did. [Unforgettable collaboration between beef and kimchi…!]
– This place was more delicious for sure.
– Yeah sure~ Everyone, please subscribe! It’s a must watch. [The trio arrived at a cigar bar for the second round of the night life tour]
Let’s go in~ [It’s much peaceful and cozy inside than expected] [Even non-smokers get to smoke / a hot place for travelers seeking for unique experiences] [Various cigars from worldwide is here]
Wow the scent of cigar~ Mmm~ [A cup of whiskey to go with the cigar] [How was your experience in the cigar bar?]
I liked the atmosphere.. If you get to try out something that you wanted to try for a long time, you become mentally healthy because of that. [Cigar bar was really a spot on place for Jaejoong]
And your body just follows your soul. [After choosing the cigar, the trio went up to the 2nd floor] – Wow it’s for VIP..
– Yeah. It’s ㅁ VIP room. [The boss explaining how the cigar is smoked] [Cut the tip of the cigar] [Ignite the part that has been cut] [Shake it so that it gets lighted up well] [Inhale while biting on it, but the smoke shouldn’t be swallowed, but must be breathed out] [(Listening) / (Amused)] [Boss handing over the cigar] I’m trying it first? [Jaejoong is trying out the cigar slowly] [(Satisfied)] [A special experience / The trio trying out the cigars carefully]
It’s really mild.. [This cigar is very mild, and it goes well with mojito] [Making eye contact after witnessing a special experience] [The boss recommended them the best liquor to go with cigar as well] [Chook-goo’s cigar is not producing much smoke]
– Why isn’t mine getting as much smoke as yours?
– Try it. Let me try. Mine looks a bit weird.. [Jaejoong troubleshooting the cigar] Am I doing something wrong…? [‘Repairing’ the cigar in progress] It’s smoking well. I think I was doing it wrong.. I don’t know what this taste is. [Jaejoong has a prior experience with the cigar bar]
I liked cigar bars a lot, so I went to cigar bars often.. Oh, there’s one in Korea too? Yes, Korea has lots of it too. Cigar is actually not just for smokers.. but it’s also okay for non-smokers as well.. A lot of people trying to quit smoking use cigar to do it too. – Oh, because it only lingers around here?
– Yes you’re right. [The boss’ recommended mojito arrived right at the time]
Oh it’s fast. Here are the Maldives. (A joke based on a Korean movie, calling mojito as Maldives) [The night in Buenos Aires is burning up just like the fire on these cigars]
Then let’s first… [(Look at him)] [Chook-goo is still not used to smoking cigars yet] [Starts making fun of him]
Hey the shape of your mouth looks really weird.. [Quarreling / The trio is now close enough to make fun of each other]
– You’re making fun of my appearance..
– Nope, it is not about the appearance [(Joking)]
The lips… the bottom lip is very thick No, just now she said you should bite with your teeth This is hard to smoke it with style like you see in movies [Let’s try a noir film since you all mentioned it] [Guys… How was today?] [Let’s don’t talk about it] [(Coughs)] [Chook-goo is giving out an aura as if this is a scene in the Godfather]
Hey, I really think you feel very weird in this… [How was your trip with these travel buddies?]
Hmm, because of them I felt more… of course, I didn’t feel lonely and it felt more interesting. We became very comfortable with each other and became closer to each other. [They became very close as if they were very long friends together]
I wasn’t obliged to talk to them, just looking at each other is good enough.. I had such a feeling. [How was the trip with Jaejoong?]
I think it was a good memory. I will remember it as a good memory.. There aren’t many chances like this to come over to the other side of the earth and meet with these people. [How would you rate them as travel buddies?]
I’d give 100 points for Chook-goo. He worked hard speaking Spanish for us and he knew a lot of things and places.. [He liked his TMT (Too much talker) characteristic too..!]
and explained to us humorously. I liked every part of him It’s an obvious answer but he treated me the meal, and I give 100 points for people who treated me. I found that I was explaining things for him. Since I knew a little more about it, How would you rate him? 80? It’s pretty sad to part ways after getting close to them. [To Chang-hoon / We met after digging a burrow] [We’re friends! Let’s keep in touch] To Jaejoong / If your steps get tangled, it’s tango, if your heart gets tangled, it’s love!] [Leaving one word for Jaejoong after drinking a lot]
Jaejoong, stay healthy.. Always be happy! I hope you are. He’s handsome.. And he’s kind. [Identity crisis]
So I hate him! I started to hate him more… I hate you, Jaejoong! Jaejoong, it was nice to have met you, I hope you stay healthy and be successful in everything you do. [Jaejoong’s first travel buddies who he met on the other side of the Earth]
I hope we can see each other in Korea if we have time. [Though sad, promising the next meeting!]
– See you in Korea! I will buy you drinks… Since you bought us delicious beef, I will buy drinks!
– Let’s see each other again in Korea! It was fun~ [The next morning after having so many drinks] [A special meal for Jaejoong, Korean food lover]
I thought that you missed Korean food a lot so we have prepared it. [(Touched)] I honestly thought that it was going to be a feast with food from Korean restaurants [(Hais.. You broadcasting people)] [11 dish table]
If you were to count the number of side dishes, it is a feast.. [Let’s see..] I am so happy… Thank you for preparing it for me. [(I will take revenge)] [Anyways, let’s eat] [My precious liver]
I will start by eating something soft first.. [No meat and veggies / Deep and soft broth]
Is this beef broth? [Going too far]
This is the broth made with Argentinian beef.. [Tasting it in a nano scale] There’s a long glass container in my bag. [Done passing the mysterious glass container]
Thank you. This is something that I brought from Korea. Salt, seasoned salt, sugar and
a bit of food enhancer.. [made by Jaejoong / The magic powder that revives the dead]
I put them all in and mixed it and brought it here. [Let it go better~] I will taste it one more time~ [Already excited just by thinking of the flavor] [(Slurps)] Ah~ This is it~ I did a good job bringing this! [Moving on to the next food, trusting the magic powder]
It’s noodles. [Tasting the soup first again] [A flavor that makes him laugh] Hey, why did you put in so much water! There is a line in the cup! [The staffs went over the line]
Why would you cross the line? I don’t understand.. [Treating it with the magic powder] [Not angry, just sensitive to seasoning]
Honestly, this is much more bland than this one. [Satisfied]
What, what is this? Why did I mix this so well? I think I should develop a product out of it! [Almost sold out / Magic powder that will take care of every food’s seasoning / 9,900 won] [The noodles become so much better thanks to the magic powder] [Endless Mukbang] [His eyebrows telling the truth] [Five stars for hangover cures/ But only with the magic power]
This tastes good even if the noodles have gone soggy. [Next is the trustworthy spicy noodles!]
Shin ramyun is… it’s the taste that we already know! Oh, should I tell you a really good combination? [Add in all of the spicy tuna without hesitation]
Add in spicy tuna [The staffs not believing] You don’t get it, right? This is amazing. [Add in seasoned seaweed too]
And add in some seaweed! Do you think that it will be salty? It is! [Obviously]
It is very salty.. [Sodium party with the fried kimchi]
This is a little spicy.. But I will put in just a little. This is definitely delicious.. Let me try it first. [Excited] So good.. If you finish all the noodles, [Jaejoong’s tip]
add some rice into the soup and microwave it for a minute! Then it gets even more delicious! The noodles and the rest.. It’s hard to explain but it feels like they are all harmonized. [For those of you who like delicious porridge.. We’re waiting for your reviews.]
It becomes a porridge.. It is so good. It became a cooking show all of a sudden? [Continues to eat after passing on a great tip]
Oh, I’m happy. Because I thought that I would become a cow after eating so much beef. I couldn’t go to the restroom too. It was very uncomfortable. I have to eat these to digest. It feels like it is good for health too. I am getting some energy too! [(Stares)] I think that the sound director will have the hardest time. [Sorry]
You are listening to all of these sounds… right? What sounded the most delicious out of all you’ve heard? [All of them]
All… [Korean food]
Never betrays. They are all so good. [Can Jaejoong meet travel buddies in the next area?]
– Then we will get going for Iguaçu!
– Let’s go to Iguaçu! There is a highlight for today. What? What is it? We are going to Buenos Aires too tomorrow.. Tomorrow? Why? Ah.. I am in trouble. What’s left with these friends is just hangover..? A time for myself, LIFETIME


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    [이벤트 기간]
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    6:58 아 재중이 한쪽 눈 찡그리며 윙크하듯이 하는거에서 저 치여서 사망이요 따흐흑
    9:30 재중이가 방송이 아닌 그냥 친한 사람들과 편하게 얘기하며 있어서 제가 다 심심안정,, 그의 목소리 에이에셈알,,
    11:33 축구 마음 = 내 마음 재중이 잘생겼어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ잘생기고 착해ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    13:29 재중이 마법의 가루 넣고 라면 뇸 귀여워 죽어ㅠㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ개발해줘,, 우리 사랑의 재개발,,

    솔직히 하나만 어떻게 뽑아요 울 재중이 모든 장면 모든 순간 하나하나가 넘 소중하고 귀엽고 난리나는데ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 오늘도 트래블버디즈 제작진 여러분들에게 동서남북 방향으로 큰 절 올립니다,, 들숨에 행복을 날숨에 재력을 얻으세요ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ❤️

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  • Dreams JaeJoong says:


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    연기 잘 못내는 축구님에게 감사할따름이었고 이런 장면을 내보내주신 갓랖탐선생님들께도 무한한 감사를 드리고싶을 따름임니다,, 제가 살다살다 오빠가 시가피는모습을 티비로 볼줄 누가알았겠습니까 정말 세상 오래살고볼일입니다 갓랖탐선생님들과 축구님 절받으세요🙇‍♀️


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    03:43 ~ 04:36 아르헨티나의 소고기는 등장부터 코냑 불쇼까지 비주얼이 남 다르다! 먹기전에 눈으로 먼저 반했던 재중이와 동행분들의 인증샷을 자동으로 불렀던 반응들과 영롱한 소고기가 인상깊었어요.

    05:06 김치를 간절하게 찾는 찐 한국인 재중이가 같은 한국인으로써 제일 공감됐던 장면!
    05:21 ~ 05:33 ~ 05:46 김치 안될까봐 긴장하고 눈치보고 인터뷰하면서 수줍어하고 감격하는 표정들이 너무 실감나고 귀여워요.

    8:00~8:15 시가바라는 특별한 체험이 너무 신기했고 라이프타임 덕분에 볼 수 있었던 희귀한 장면이었어요.
    08:44 ~ 09:14 시가 유경험자로서의 지식을 설명해주는 부분이 좋았어요. 동행분들뿐 아니라 저도 지식을 얻을 수 있었고 흡연과는 엄연히 달라 비흡연자도 할 수 있다고 해서 이 장면을 보면서 꼭 한번은 체험해보고 싶어졌어요.
    (09:50 ~ 10:03 재중이는 느와르 장르도 잘어울리네요👍)

    10:11 ~ 10:43 하루의 동행으로 모두 같은 즐거움을 느꼈고 새로운 경험과 좋은 추억으로 남을 것 같은 진심이 느껴졌어요.

    (↓ 여행꿀팁 대방출과 쿡방하는 이 장면이 개인적으로 최애입니다!)
    11:59 특별한 해장 한식 한상 차림을 해주신 제작진 분들이 너무 고맙고 따뜻했어요.
    13:35 소금+맛소금+설탕+미원 마법의 가루는 정말 유레카.. 모든 여행지에서 여러 조합으로 다양하게 준비할 수 있는 정말 소중한 팁이었다고 생각합니다.
    14:08 신라면+고추참치+김+닭볶음김치 다먹고 밥&전자렌지 나트륨파티 장면은 여행하다보면 나트륨이 부족할때가 있는데 그때 먹으면 눈물이 날 수도 있을 것 같아요. 누구나 준비 할 수 있는 재료이기 때문에 저도 다음 여행에서는 시도해봐야 겠어요.

    15:52 다음편 빨리 주세요. 현기증나요..❤

  • 김서희 says:

    3:24 (악악악ㅇ강가 김재중 사랑해
    아니 ㄹㅇ 이 순간만큼은 와 제가 축구님한테 빙의하고 싶어요 와 내 눈앞에서 김재쥬가 저렇게 해맑게 행복하게 사랑스럽게 쳐다보면 눈도 못 감고 그대로 사망한다 아닙니까?? 랖탐 선생님들 심장 괜찮으쇄여??? 아직 살아계세여?? (살아계시다면 제발 좀 저 부분 무편집영상 풀어주쇄여….흡

  • 박영옥 says:

    재중씨가 유명인 재중씨가아니고 자연인 재중씨의 모습을 많이보고싶은 일인으로서. 좀더 많은것들을 내려놓고 그곳에 속해서 여행을 했으면 좋겠읍니다. 이미 여행은 끝냈겠지만 .. 항시 아쉽습니다

  • babyolalanhii says:

    I'm not into a smoker nor encourage him to smoke even more, but honestly JJ looked extra hot while smoking the cigar;;;

  • jj_찐LOVE_jj says:

    1:15~2:33 고급 레스토랑 같이 보였던 음식점 앞에서 가격때문에 걱정할 때 형이야! 하면서 동생, 친구 데리고 들어가서 맛있는 것도 먹고, 불닭 김치를 먹으면서 기뻐하는 모습이 너무 아이 같았어요~ 역시! 한국인은 김치죠~ 김치 없으면 음식을 어케 먹나요ㅋ

    8:7 ~ 8:52 담배는 극혐이지만… 왜 우로빠가 시가를 피우는 모습은 이렇게 멋질까요?? 연기만 냈을 뿐인데 홍콩영화 느와르를 뽑내시며 한 껏 멋짐과 섹시함을 폭발하셔서 넋을 놓았어요👍

    12:12 ~ 15:45 편의점 음식이었지만.. 야무지게 준비해온 조미료로 간을 맞추고, 신라면 먹기 꿀팁!을 볼 수 있어서 좋았어요^^ 워낙 관리 잘하는 오빠여서 평소 식단관리 하실텐데… 여행가서 나트륨도 폭발해서 드셔보고, 음식 먹으면서 행복해 하는 모습 보니 엄마 미소가 절로 나오네요😄

    싸인 이벤트로 감동 주는 라이프타임은 사랑입니다♥ 늘 감사합니다🙇 앞으로 라이프 타임만 보기로ㅋ🙊

  • jj lovejj says:

    2:35 이쪽으로 오시죠. 여기가 찐입니다.
    '세뇨라' 하는데 일단 그 목소리가 세뇨라랑 너무 잘어울려요. 바로 세뇨리따 노래가 귀에서 재생됐구요. 직원부르는데 여유로운 저 몸짓…역시 김재중 저런 분위기의 식당에 넘나 잘어울리쥬? 뒤 테이블과 상반되는 완전 가벼운 옷차림인데 역김. 그것마저 바로 고급스럽게 소화해버리쥬? 그랬는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 인생이 시트콤이야. 경호원분들 부르고 있었음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 경호원분들 표정 너무 궁금하고요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 바로 부끄러워해버리는 김재중 표정 넘나 귀엽고요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뜨악!하는 표정 바로 짤로 만들어서 카톡 이모티콘으로 쓰고싶을정도. 짧은 순간에 126가지의 모습 다 보여주는 부분인데 당연히 이 부분이 최애입니다ㅜㅜ

  • Angela Liz says:

    And the language Spanish?

  • 쑤야 says:

    8:11 김재중은 뭐든지 그냥 다 예외야ㅠㅠ담배피는 남자 극혐하는데 왜 김재중은 안 싫을까…?존멋이라 계속 돌려보게 만들잖아ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ어떤 모습이든지 다다다 사랑해♡

  • R신입생 says:

    13:14 컵라면 선넘었다고 화내시는 모습조차 쒝시❤️

  • 망개떡침침 says:

    뱀파이어야? 왜때문에 안늙어?? 미모진짜 댑악이다

  • 재쥬이0 says:

    1:10 이 부분에서 김재중 너무 간지나요 끙 ㅜ 축구님 보는 눈빛하며 나 형이야 외치는 말 하며 몇 번을 다시 돌려보게 되네요 ㅎㅎ

  • 너박 시윤 says:

    Pongan los subtítulos al español por favor!

  • Eliza Riquelme says:

    Pongan los subtítulos en español por favor

  • anny pérez says:

    Porqué no hay subtítulos en español? T.T

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