Rapper Pop Smoke Home address exposed on Instagram reason for his murder? #PopSmoke #RIPPopSmoke

Rapper Pop Smoke Home address exposed on Instagram reason for his murder?  #PopSmoke #RIPPopSmoke

all right we are back we are live
welcome to the dough show I’m Delz and we’re gonna continue on where we left
off a lot of people came through for the last stream talking about pop smoke what
exactly happened with him there was a lot of speculation that it had to do
with him by accident showing his address on IG on his Instagram stories and I
looked more into it and it really does look like that he was showing off some
bags and it had the address an address matches the actual house there’s photos
all over the place where you can actually see that and that’s pretty
unfortunate if that’s the case that’s the reason why this happened to him you
know just um putting your information out there on the Internet talita I went
up I hope I’m saying your you name correctly I apologize if I’m not
but um yeah it’s looking like that may be the reason why this all went down
with the young homie only 20 years old passing away seems like four four four
people came through into that house fresh kicks went up from what TMZ is
saying four people bum-rushed his house the security alarm was not on and at
least four in black masks ran up in his house and took him out that’s all the
details I have right now someone says they’re a fan and there’s a lot of fans
very upset about this news I was saying on the earlier stream which you should
definitely watch if you didn’t see it because you know did shot along with me
it’s very entertaining because we’re trying to figure out and try to
understand what exactly happened Jays in the building he’s saying that before he
passed he had the song Jack boys with Travis Scott the world is crazy that’s
for sure but the world’s been crazy a lot of people keep making it like oh
2020 so crazy every year is crazy man it’s always been
crazy the world’s always been messed up the world’s always been crazy you know
we’ve always lost hip-hop artists when it comes to violence since the shit
started this is nothing new it’s tragic but the main question on this video
right here this topic is do you you the people do you think him putting his
address out there by accident is the cause of his death right now
that’s the question they’re wanting to shoot your way is that the reason why
this all will happen him putting it out Shannon is saying Shannon Hyde she say
an inside job Jay saying no totally and Shannon a part of me definitely feels
like this could be a cover-up with the whole address situation you know
everyone’s got their theories if you have a theory please share it
let’s talk I’m not gonna be on this stream very long but we did a stream
earlier that’s over an hour and I think people seem to really like it it’s
getting a lot of feedback a lot of love so check out that stream but we’re gonna
hang out for about 10 min someone give you about 10 minutes
fresh chick says it looks super suspect I totally agree
it does look suspect the whole feel to it seem suspect it seems like this may
have been a setup and a lot of times when it comes down to some sort of
burglary excuse me you shut this door when it
comes to any kind of robbery anything like that right usually it has to do
with people that you know that’s in your life whether it’s them personally doing
it or them tipping someone off saying hey da da da da da da you know you could
go and get him over there he’s vulnerable right now he’s by himself or
he’s just with a couple of people you know they tip off and that could be the
case – no one knows these aren’t facts these are just ideas everyone’s throwing
out their own ideas and I’m just throwing mine let me know also where you
rapping where you from throw that in the stream in the comment
Jay saying it had to be a part of his inner circle and it could be and when
you become famous you start getting a lot of hype a lot of people all of a
sudden want to be your friend you start letting people in and you know things
like this could happen to you know we’ve heard about this many times you cannot
trust people especially once you start getting a little bit of Fame you can’t
trust people that start coming into your life because people are out to you know
get over get something out of the whole situation that’s why you’ll see a lot of
celebrities they’re not very open to new people in the life you know and you
can’t blame you can’t trust people especially when you got a lot of money
coming in all of a sudden that’s just a given you know that’s why you’ll see
some celebrities they don’t want to talk to people they get out of the house
people say all I’ve seen this one I’ve seen that one he’s an asshole
he wouldn’t say what’s up you wouldn’t say hi to me man he’s trying to be safe
you know people are forgetting savages out here man
it straight up ready to take you out but you know that address being put out
there that was really bad man that was really bad and with the rappers you a
rapper you got all that gold a diamonds flossing you know wrong person sees that
address it doesn’t give a f ..k that’s hungry that’s a savage
that could be it it could be it just like that you know so let me know your
thoughts let me know what you think happened yeah you cannot if you’re a
celebrity ish if you’re in slurry it’s extremely just crazy to even go there I
know he did it by accident he was clearly an accident you know but you
gotta be cautious with this type of stuff and I’m pretty sure he removed it
like he got caught on to it maybe one of his boys was like yo your address is on
there you got to be careful but if you have all this money and people know
where you live you’re just an open target and
that’s really a shame no matter how the hell the shit went down it’s still the
same let’s not get it messed up no matter how it went down
it’s a shame 20 years old and we talked a lot about that on the prior video so
let’s you know not go there watch that video people loved it so check out that
one after we’re done here but this vid I just wanted to just confirm that uh he’s
from BK originally from my understanding of pretty sure it’s from Brooklyn and
this happened in Cali Los Angeles rented the house this was a
rented house that he was living at you know a lot of these rappers once they
start getting money they’ve rented everything not saying you know his
jewelry was rented or anything else but that’s just how it is man plus he’s
traveling all the time you know a lot of shows he was about to go on tour yeah
but the thing is fresh kicks he I don’t think he deliberately wanted his address
out there that was by accident I feel like that was by accident when he put
his address out there and it’s just the wrong people check the address down once
I go I’m going for it but some people are saying that that’s BS that’s not
what happened I mean I don’t know what the hell happened I’m not a damn police
officer and unlike that I’m just having a conversation trying to figure out what
the hell happened but on the last stream a lot of people were saying nah that’s
not true his address was never out there but his address was put out there so
that’s the purpose of this video right here just to confirm his address was put
out there he was showing some bags and it had his actual address there on his
Instagram story so that’s what really screwed everything up man having this
damn address on the internet you cannot do shit like that you have got to be
careful on the internet that’s really what the message is right now be careful
when you’re doing your Instagram story don’t be careless you know
be careful cuz there’s some psychos out there man there’s crazy people in the
world so always make sure you you know you are careful when you are doing you
little fucking Instagram stories you know doing your little Instagram live
everyone just is so cozy we’re just streaming now look at me I’m just
streaming but I’m home just chillin but people are way too comfortable with the
IG stories the IG streaming streaming from here streaming from there without
thinking okay I can’t have my address you know as I was saying on the other
stream I can’t tell you the amount of boxes that I’ve seen on unboxes that had
their home and intro address on the box and I’m like damn man but I mean a lot
of people don’t give a shit about someone that collects sneakers or does
something like that collects collectibles but when it comes to a
rapper so when I got a lot of money cuz they oh they stay for sand they say they
stay showing off all that shit you know the jewelry the ice they rack it one
hundred two hundred thousand on them they carry and you know bands bands of
money so people you know they looking for them they got that address you know
they’re gonna work for them and and that’s awful man but um yeah that’s how
we are close out this video just a quick one hit the thumbs up button if you
enjoyed this video check out that stream everyone have a great day and please be
careful on the internet watch what you’re doing pay attention what you’re
doing be a little smarter out there okay because they out there the savages are
out there and you gotta really be careful with putting your business out
there on line because there are some crazy motherfuckers out there and I wish
you all nothing but just peace and just just please be safe out there and I’m my
prayers to the family and friends of this young dude died lost his life at
the age of only 20 very sad extremely


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