Ruthless Insider: The Vaping Ban Might Already Be Getting An Update

Ruthless Insider: The Vaping Ban Might Already Be Getting An Update

The partial federal flavor ban is now in effect
in the USA, but many are saying it’s already out of date; find out more on this edition
of ruthless insider. Hello and
welcome to another edition of Ruthless Insider. The food and drug administration’s ban on
flavored closed pod systems came into effect last Thursday. FDA officials want to make
it very clear that it is not technically a ban – it is instead, a “guidance” on how
federal regulators will wield their wide-ranging enforcement powers. They argue that “gaps”
in the policy are not really loopholes or exceptions as some would like to believe.
The administration has stressed that they can at anytime crack down on any e-cigarette
product that seems to be marketed toward young people, even if it was not specifically mentioned
in the enforcement policy. It is now argued that with flavored closed pod systems pulled
from the market, young people have quickly switched over to flavored disposable systems.
This development, if proven to be factual by the administration, may warrant a rapid
update to the guidance and a crackdown on these products. In New York City, a city law
that takes effect in July will not only ban the sale of flavored vaping products, but
also quote “any refill, cartridge or any other component” of an e-cigarette, which
appears to cover disposables. The media narrative has quickly switched focus to disposable products
like Stig, Fogg and Puffbars in recent weeks, and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see
attempts to ban these products coming down the pipeline. Do you think that the FDA purposely avoided
banning disposables to keep the anti-vape stories flowing into 2020? Or were they genuinely
ignorant of the products on the market? Please share your thoughts with us down below and
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  • Four_Loko_Samuri says:

    Thanks for making these videos, to those of us working in this industry we saw this coming as soon as they excluded flavored disposables from the original ban. But these are really helpful for consumers all over America. Really wish you had more viewers.

  • James Mancuso says:

    It doesn't matter what they ban. Kids will use whatever they can get their hands on. The government needs to get off thier lazy butts and actually enforce the current laws such as T21.

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