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Hey guys, I’m TSM Pojoman from TSM’s R6 team and this is a guide to playing Smoke on defense. So, pre-round with Smoke, you’re pretty much just gonna make holes all around the map for your team. Obviously, do your reinforcements. Shoot some drones if you see ’em. If you have an organized team, you’re probably gonna need to be making a lot of holes And it’s gonna take you a lot of time. Writing out the map on like how you’re gonna do it is usually important–for me especially, ‘Cause I need to be able to do it fast enough so that I can be in site, ready. If a team sees the site is open Like, while you’re setting up A lot of the time, they’ll just rush, and…nobody likes that. An unready Smoke is always the worst, so… Smoke’s really important on sites where bomb plant denial is really important. So like Consulate basement, Bank basement… Usually the basements. If you got a basement, he’s probably pretty good there. Typically, if anything, you need to make a lot of holes. Like, in the site, to kinda rework the site is where you’ll want Smoke. He can likely do it the most efficiently out of any operator. Other than like Mute…which is the same thing, c’mon. Yeah, he can do it faster and more efficiently than Mozzie, Mira, Maestro Echo isn’t–is kinda a different operator, ’cause he doesn’t really let you Set up a site like Smoke does. You kinda–you would take Echo if you already have, like A Mute or a Mozzie that can kinda do that stuff for you instead. Smoke could pretty much be used on any map. It’s just a matter of which bomb site. Anywhere you wanna slow someone down, you can use the smokes. A big mistake like a lot of players make is they’ll just hold onto the smokes. And like, assume you need to use ’em for bomb plants, when in reality… You’re better off just lettin’ those things fly before you die. It’s better to use a smoke than to just die with 2 in your pocket. Smoke’s really good with ops like Echo, Maestro, Valk, Pulse, Anyone who can kinda give you information on where the enemy’s coming from So that you can smoke and delay, or deny plants with the smoke grenades. My playstyle meshes really well with Smoke on team, because I’m Typically more of a passive player. As opposed to somebody like Merc who plays Jager, and peeks everybody, and kills everybody. Uh, your Smoke you usually wanna keep alive in the bomb site as long as you can ‘Cause if you get down to like, the last 30, 20 seconds, and you still have 2 smokes You can deny pretty much any entry into the site And if they do try to go into the site, and it’s smoked You’ll hear them coming through it, they’ll take damage, they can’t see anything, and then It should be easy pickings. For my loadout for Smoke, I like to always bring a shotgun, typically Just ’cause the FMG-9 isn’t that great. And, the main purpose of Smoke is for like, site remodeling. The sight’s pretty much just preference. I just use a red dot Because it fills up the screen when you shoot people with it. You can bring a laser. It makes the hip fire a lot better. I find it makes a lot better rotate holes if you don’t have a laser. Definitely the SMG-11 over the pistol Vertical grip, and then Flash Hider. I use the Flash Hider, because it has the best recoil stats. And lastly, deployable shield and barbed wire is really gonna depend on the site that you’re taking And how much barbed wire that your team has, or if your team has shields as well. While we’re on the topic of having a good setup it’s always good to have a nice reliable mouse. I use the Logitech G Pro wireless. It’s super light, there’s no cord to get in the way, I really like the shape of it! So on a map like Bank, you typically want to reinforce one of the walls on Red. Usually I do the right-hand side. After reinforcing the red wall, you wanna open a hole right next to it so you can throw utility like C4s or Smokes onto the default plant which is right here. People can crouch here and plant without anybody being able to shoot them. So typically you want to be able to throw like explosives and packs – smoke grenades so you can deny that plant. For barbed wire, I’ll usually put one on main stairs to stop attackers from running down to shoot you in the back Also usually just put one on the site door to prevent any rushes from Dirt or anything like that. Don’t be afraid to put it in spots that look a little bit weird. Try to make it harder for attackers to just punch it for free. Like a lot of the time I’ll notice newer players – they’ll just put it right inside a doorway And they can just punch it safely from outside the door without having to actually touch the barbed wire. For rotate holes specifically, I would recommend making sure you can get through them both ways so that your team doesn’t end up yelling at you. I’ve had this happen on a variety of instances where it’ll work one way and then you try to get back in from the other way and they can’t vault it and they die and they yell at me and they get mad at me. After the round starts, I’ll typically get on cameras to try to see where the attackers are coming from. and I’ll try to warn my teammates I’ll usually try to actually play a little bit out of the site enough so that I can be there to stop a roam but far enough out so I can actually help my teammates if I hear they’re in trouble. Like a big thing… A big thing with Smoke is don’t just sit in a basement and wait for all your teammates to die ’cause if you’re stuck in a 1v5 or a 2v5 and they still have two minutes left, like you’re not gonna have a chance. You might as well help your team fight. I find the biggest counter to me personally as a Smoke is usually either Buck – like bucking above me – so either bucking above the site or bucking below the site pit’s a map counter cause typically Smoke’ll be in the site and then Buck’ll either go under or over you and just start making you move. That’s typically when you die the most. The second op that I say counters you would be Zofia. Zofia’s stuns pretty much counter everybody. But particularly, when you’re in the site and you have a shotgun with 4 shells left and an SMG-11 and you can barely turn your mouse as they push in – a Zo’ stun well timed will pretty much just ruin your chances of trying to clutch. And that’s what Smoke is typically really good at. I think Smoke counters a lot of like aggressive ops like Ashe, IQ – anyone that’s gonna try to bum rush through your site As long as you have your shotgun out like You’ll make really short work of anybody that tries to do that. Even if you get aggressive, you can get super aggressive with your shotgun As long as you ADS it, you should be able to clean up people like that. Generally I’ll try to save… at least 2 for most sites. Maybe even 3 depending- like bank basement you definitely wanna save all three for the plant or execute Uh.. But on a lot of other sites you can feel free to actually throw those things a lot more than you’d think But yeah, typically you want at least one for the end of the round ’cause it really lets you kind of maneouvre – use it to get an advantage You either a. You want to use them to deny a plant b) Use them to slow somebody down from working towards you. This could even be early in the round. Smoke is all about delaying time. If you can do that early in the round and then late round, you maybe have C4s or they just don’t have enough time to really do what they wanted to do That can actually be more beneficial than you’d think. Another way to use them is to actually get aggressive. A lot of people think Smoke is like a defensive- like super defensive and super passive But the best way to use Smoke I would say is to use the smokes aggressively You can get away with either using a shield or barbed wire. The shields are actually really strong now they have the holes in them. and they’re actually more effective at slowing people down I would say than the barbed wire. But having barbed on certain maps, certain sites, is always pretty good. A trick to use with the shield would be put it in a doorway kind of awkwardly. And that way, it forces the attackers to either jump over it or pretty much face like just a straight shotgun shot. For aiming the smokes, I’ll u- Depending on where I am A good example would be like top Bank stairs I’ll try to throw it deeper so that the smoke doesn’t cover as much of my vision and it actually extends out into the doorway. So this is a like- a line-up you can use to smoke the default if you have these holes set up correctly. You aim at this wood pillar, you line up with this wood pillar like you have the height of this one, but you aim it right there. And that smokes off default plant from pretty far back and you’re safe. You know you’re facing a bad Smoke player when the smokes end up falling way too short or going way past you. Like I see that a lot on Consulate People won’t throw them far enough and I can just plant for free And I just laugh Also if they throw them way past me, because I’ll also laugh. Another thing I notice is when people Smoke me way too late. So if I’m planting and I’m already 5 seconds into a plant and I get smoked I can pretty much just stick it becaue I have an extra two seconds Smokes take about… four and a half seconds to kill you As long as I’m halfway through a plant I can usually get it down, as long as you’ve smoked too late. So a mechanic with Smoke, as of the current patch, is that you can smoke deny people through a wall. And the way you do this is when a smoke hits the ground like this – it’ll hit the surface and it’ll bloom around that surface. So if you throw one right here… It’ll bloom through the wall And smoke off this default plant Typically people like to plant here on – who could attack So if you do that smoke, you hear them plant You’ll definitely stop them there And they’ll either have to move or they’ll often just fall back and you’ll burn a lot of time You’re super safe here typically as Smoke, so you can just throw that down and just keep watching your hallway If you’re gonna try to throw one, try to do it from from behind cover – like, throw it over something so you’re not getting exposed If it feels dangerous to do it, it probably is. Just try to throw it as safe as you can like – just do that Or maybe even peek out with your gun first. to check if it’s good to smoke then throw it Typically when you use the shotgun you want to make sure you land as much of the circle or your reticle on them as you can Headshots don’t matter at all so the most important thing is getting surface area on someone. So you usually wanna aim like chest level Even legs are good As long as you get more … body chunk For making holes the most important thing is just making sure you’re moving and you’re not ADS’ed You can make a lot bigger, cleaner holes and you’ll get rid of the wood beams a lot easier if you do that. I avoid taking damage from grenades by yelling at my Jaeger to give me an ADS on the bomb site and uh, if I don’t have an ADS, I run like a little —– away from them, and then I yell at my Jaeger the next round to give me one On Smoke, if I’m trying to coordinate a play with my teammates I’ll usually just say like I’ve smoked *this spot* and I’ll give the callout Uhh.. If we don’t have vision, I’ll say I smoked default plant can’t be planting there So that way they can use their C4s and everything else somewhere else If I’m the one that has to retake, usually either me or the rest of the team screwed up somewhere else. Typically, it’ll just involve throwing a bunch of smoke grenades in every direction I can So like on Bank, maybe you can smoke the hatch you can smoke the server stairs, you can smoke behind the server If you still have smokes at that point, you definitely screwed up, but those are options Smoke’s not bad at having to retake sites. Like obviously you screwed up if you usually have to but if they’re not on the site, and there’s like 20s left I’m throwing every single smoke grenade at every single entrance and… just crossing my fingers and pointing my pump shotgun at the door Like – 20 seconds left? *imitates throwing smokes, and holding gun out* Hey guys, thanks for watching my Smoke guide If there’s any ops you want me to cover in the future Let me know Once again, I’m TSM Pojoman from our R6 team and uh.. and a good night. Or day. Or wherever you’re watching.

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